Mexico History The famous Northern Division, led by "Pancho Villa" Francisco Villa

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Pancho Villa with his banned of rebels called Northern Division, made a big difference during the period of the Mexican Revolution, after controlling the northern states of the country. Made up of Mexicans of different origins, it has been one of the most powerful military groups in Mexico.​

The armed guerrilla group known as La División del Norte , was originally made up of people from various social strata, but mainly cowboys, ranchers, and country people .

However, over time it was consolidated with experienced military men who resented the death of Francisco I. Madero , their rookies became fierce and deadly gunmen. He knows the history of the fierce army called the Northern Division led by the revolutionary and bandit known as Pancho Villa.

When does the Northern Division arise?​

The Division of the North was a group of guerrillas that emerged with the armed uprising that Francisco I. Madero caused , by proclaiming the Plan of San Luis Potosí , in 1910 .

At the beginning, the Northern Division followed the orders of General José González Salas , who had the objective of fighting against the government of Porfirio Díaz .

After overthrowing Díaz and with the beginning of the rebellion led by Pascual Orozco , the command of the well-known armed group remains in the hands of General Victoriano Huerta .

However, Victoriano Huerta had among his plans to become president , for he organized a coup d'état, in which he would take Madero's life.

On September 29, 1913, Doroteo Arango , better known as Pancho Villa, becomes the general in chief of the Northern Division . His first victory was to take the city of Torreón , in Coahuila.

Who led the Northern Division?​

Pancho Villa joined Venustiano Carranza with the aim of overthrowing the usurper of the presidency: Victoriano Huerta .

Under the leadership of Villa, the famous Division of the North advanced uncontrollably towards the center of the country until reaching the capital to overthrow Huerta.

Once the country was pacified, multiple disagreements soon arose between the powerful group of Sonorans led by Carranza and the Northern Division led by the Centauro del Norte. So Villa took up arms again, ignoring Carranza's constitutionalist government and proclaiming his own.

Francisco Villa then sought the support of the United States, but failing to obtain it, he invaded the border town of Columbus, where he committed a series of excesses. It is from here that the North American army begins to persecute him, although they never caught him.

Upon the death of Carranza, amnestied by President Adolfo de la Huerta , Pancho Villa peacefully retired to the Canutillo hacienda, in Durango, which the government awarded him to compensate him for his services to the Revolution.

On July 20, 1923 , the popular leader was the victim of a trap. Traveling by car in the company of his lieutenants to Parral, Chihuahua, Francisco Villa was killed in an ambush set by some of the many enemies that this character had made throughout his eventful life.